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Trusted Human Support in a Digital World

We’re here to support you in the way you need. Our solutions and workflows are thoughtfully catered towards the way you work, not the way everyone else does it. The tech mumbo-jumbo gets left at the door, and human words are used to explain the steps we take and the cause of any issues.

You’re our client, and we’re here to get you and your devices running as quickly as possible. We don’t just get the job done, we do it right the first time, with future problem prevention in mind. You deserve Human Support in a Digital World.

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Phone Consultation

An opportunity to discuss your issues and plan the best course of action to resolve them.

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Remote Support

Support services provided over the internet allowing you to get support virtually anywhere.

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In-Person Support

Computer repair and support provided in-person at your house, or your business location.

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Pro-Active Maintenance & Management

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Customize your tech support with Geek Girl IT's à la carte monthly memberships. Why settle for generic plans when you can select exactly what your devices need? Our memberships are designed to proactively care for your technology, spotting and addressing issues before they become problems. 

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